About Us

With over 24 years experience, we offer with confidence our knowledge and ability to manufacture new equipment as well as retrofit the existing equipment. Furthermore, you can count on the exceptional value of Global technology to meet the precise demands of you and your clients today, tomorrow and for years to come. Our specialization includes the exclusive die and extrusion components design in addition to manufacturing of complete Blown/Cast Film Dies.

Our product line includes: extruders, manual & hydraulic screen changers, monolayer & co-extrusion dies, stationary, rotating or oscillating die blocks with die carts, adapters, single & dual lip air rings, die with auto gauge system, bubble cages, oscillating nip assemblies, variety of winders, automation and exclusive processing simulation software. This Pro/Process software gives a processor the capability to predict how their multilayer die will behave when processing a variety of resins through the system prior to producing any film. This allows the processor to simulate all film development trials/structures through the computer within minutes.

Precise manufacturing tolerances, design accuracy and a superior final product are assured by direct data interface between the CNC machines and custom in house design software. However, Global Die & Extrusion Technology Inc.'s dedication to high quality workmanship and service assure the best possible customer's solution. In addition to the above, Global provides Project Consultancy & Technology Development with satisfaction. For example, complete solution for barrier blown, cast, double bubble, nylon casing, shrink, cling and coating film applications. No work is big or small.

Bharat Consulting is now affiliated with Global Die & Extrusion Technology Inc.

For over 20 years, Bharat Consulting has provided state of the art processing software named Pro/Flow and Pro/PROCESS to plastic film processing technology.