Cast Film Line for Colostomy Bags

Combination of EVA and PVdC resin is used to produce Colostomy bags in order to provide outstanding barrier properties in all conditions, even in high humidity and low temperatures. This bag require vary high oxygen & water barrier, extreme barrier to aroma & flavors, flexible & pinhole resistance, high chemical resistance and very easily sealable properties.


  • Generally every application that needs above properties.

Film Properties and sizes:

  • Sealability and seal integrity
  • Odour barrier
  • Liquid and gas barrier
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Softness and quietness
  • No skin irritation
  • Dimensional stability
  • 75µ clear and skin
  • 100µ clear, skin, and white

Equipment requirement:

  • RF (Radio Frequency) Bag making machine
  • Plastic Extrusion Machine - 3 Layers Cast Film Line