Consultancy & Technology Development

With our extensive know-how awareness of Blown/Cast film extrusion equipment, we can provide appropriate consultancy for your future projects. In addition to the consultancy, we can also provide the technology development for your corporation in this constantly challenging market.

We can assist in establishing the project starting from procurement of equipment from various vendors till the production of the finished product. If required, we will also Design and Manufacture critical components of flowing lines.

  • Blown/Cast Film - Mono and Multilayer Lines
  • Biaxially Oriented Shrink Film Line - Double Bubble
  • Biodegradable Film Line to produce PLA
  • PVC Cling Film Line
  • PE Stretch Film Line
  • Nylon Sausage Casing Lines
  • High barrier Lines with PA/EVOH/PA or PVdC
  • PVdC Coating Line
  • Development of multi-layer Blown/Cast film structures
  • Full training is provided for operators, supervisor and process engineers
  • Complete Multilayer Processing Solution including innovative Pro/PROCESS simulation software

We fully appreciate and respect our customers' need for confidentiality.