PVC Cling Film Technology

PVC is a very versatile material and has been used in various fields like food packaging, medical, construction etc. One of the most popular applications in food packaging is wrapping of the food trays using PVC cling film. Cling film is made with a special compound (PVC resin, Plasticizers, and stabilizers) and has very good cling property with transparency. This film also has the barrier property and can keep the food fresh for several days.


  • Food Wrapping: fruits, vegetables, Poultry, Fish, Meat etc.
  • Industrial Wrapping: Electronic parts

Wrapping Methods:

  • Hand or Machine wrapping

Key Components:

Following are the key components of this project which directly affect the film quality as well as the transparency and geometry of the rolls being produced:

  • Feed Hopper: In order to get high clarity, transparent film it is important to remove the air from the compound before feeding in to the extruder, so a special design vacuum hopper is used.
  • Screw Geometry: Screw design is critical to ensure a properly melted and homogenised melt being fed to the die.
  • Die: PVC is very heat sensitive material and requires a flawless die design without any dead or high residence areas. In addition, the least residence time helps in achieving longer production runs.
  • Gauging System: Gauge readout helps the operator to adjust the die gap faster during recipe changes.
  • Winder: A turret cum Surface winder is normally used for quick roll changes and to get transparent rolls in order to see the core print.

Global can provide complete know how including the recipe (PVC compounding) and project management to achieve the desired results.