Pro/Process Simulation Software

PRO/Process Rheology Software

Run new structures or eliminate problems in your new or existing line, without costly R&D and improve your film quality.

PRO/Process is innovative software developed by Bharat Consulting to aid Blown/Cast film processors to forecast film structures. This software guides the processor to optimize the layer ratio and choose the proper resin to be used for required structures. It also predicts and offers solutions for layer instabilities in co-extruded blown and cast films. This customized program will reduce to the minimum or even eliminate trial and error thus making it very cost effective in resins, labour, and time to the Blown/Cast film producer. This is available with every line purchased from Global Die & Extrusion Technology Inc. and Global is one of the official distributors of this software. The software has a built in resin database with technical information, viscosity graphs, total resin required for complete production run, records of recipes and much more.

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The user can input layer ratio in microns and choose the resin from the resin database as shown in the following chart for film up to 11 layers. The processor can try what if substitutions of a different resin or thickness for any layer in the structure. PRO/Process will predict problems and offer solutions in order to perfect the required structure.

The software will give a processor the complete understanding of how a multi-layer die will behave when processing a variety of resins through the system prior to producing any film. This will allow the processor to make all R&D trials on the computer within a very short time period, resulting in saving thousands of dollars otherwise required for trial and error runs. The first PRO/Process software was installed in Europe in 2003 and introduced at the K-2004 show in Germany. Since then several programs have been installed worldwide for both blown and cast film.

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